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Events and Classes

I'm a teacher at heart, and an active learner by nature.  I love to find new ways to solve current issues, and then create a way to teach it to whomever needs the information.  I usually develop my own workshops and classes, sometimes based on my own material, other times using the Peoplemap™ System, with origianl material written by Dr. Michael Lillibridge.

Over the years I have developed a following of people from all over the country, and I know that everyone lives a busy life, so I like to offer classes via conference call to accomodate all needs.

I also love to work with people in person.  I live on the border of Fairfield County and New Haven County, CT and often work out of the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce in Shelton, CT. 

For Live trainings please go to the In-Person page.

For Virtual classes please go to the Virtual page.


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