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Peoplemap™ System Programs

People Map Everything in the Peoplemap™ System can be done in a one-on-one coaching situation or in a group training setting, personalized for you or your company’s needs.  Time allotments range from a 45-minute session to half or full-day workshops.  The greatest learning comes from knowing ALL the types and how best to communicate with others.  The assessments are all just 7 questions; yes, I said SEVEN!  It is possible to do the assessment at the time of training/coaching, or in advance.  Individual reports can be generated as well.


Understanding Self and Others:

Start with the Basic Peoplemap™ Assessment, identifying personality type (Leader, People, Task, and Free Spirit), combination type, and aspects of personal score values.  Training includes learning the characteristics and strengths/motivators/Achilles heels of all types with ways to identify the types of others. This is followed by the development of a personal and/or team growth plan.

Discussions for group training sessions will powerfully identify the key Achilles heels of the team and allow for a mindful shift toward what the team wants.  Many an “Aha” moment has come from this work!!

The primary focus of the training can be for any or all of the following:

  • Personal or team communication
  • Working with clients/customers
  • Sales and marketing techniques
  • Personal growth and development

Peoplemap™ Leadership Training:

The assessment identifies the Leadership style as the System Builder, the Innovator, or the Team Builder. Too much or too little of certain skills can result in the Commander & Controller, the Crisis Creator, or the Conflict Avoider.

The most successful leaders, and those graduating from this training, are able to combine the best of both the “soft people skills” (recognition and praise, active listening, collaboration, and mentoring) and the “hard people skills” (constructive feedback, being assertive, initiation, and accountability).

Conflict Resolution:

The assessment identifies the Conflict resolution style, which is somewhere on a continuum of Results Oriented vs Conflict Avoider, and Logical vs Intuitive. Training develops understanding of these four quadrants and the inborn style of all four Conflict Resolution types.  This gives participants key ways to manage their own conflicts while identifying and working with other styles.

Please contact Monica for a free consultation.

“Monica’s coaching provides ongoing business development… prioritizing essential tasks, coordinating resources for my business, and developing the people network that is so necessary for any business owner.”
M. R, CT


“When I first started working with Monica I felt like my life was stuck and I was surrounded by insurmountable roadblocks…I can honestly say that Monica helped me bring my life up to a whole new level and made me aware of the things that will keep my future bright! ”    
J. H., CT


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