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This site is for professionals, both individuals and teams, who want to feel empowered,
and are willing to work a little to get there!

Do you...

...Want your business to grow faster; to excel in communication, sales, service, and productivity?

...Want to achieve goals but aren't sure how to define them or how to achieve them?

...Want to be a better leader in business and in life?

...Want to find work-life balance (I call it harmony) that allows you to enjoy success in both?

It all can feel overwhelming

Where do you start first?  What goals do you focus on without letting all other areas of your life fall through the cracks? How can you approach this in a strategic and systematic way and still be able to enjoy life?  And what about all the personal stress and drama that can come with dealing with others?

The good news is that working with a professional coach will help you unravel all these questions and more; to help you create a successful life - faster, and with joy and ease. 

It's time to start the conversation.

Coaching is about evaluating where you are, where you want to be, and setting a path to getting there. As your coach I am your sounding board, accountability partner and goal accelerator, motivating and inspiring you to stay on the path until you get where you want to be. 


Our coaching sessions will help you:


•    Examine what you want as well as what is working or not working for you


•    Develop key goals and make decisions that will allow you to reach your vision


•    Stay in action, always moving forward


•    Learn communication and conflict resolution skills that will improve your relationships    


What kind of results can come from personal coaching?


  • The most obvious- actually having and achieving clear goals!
  • Personal growth and leadership skills development
  • Satisfaction from a life that reflects your values and priorities   
  • Clear delineation of Business versus Personal time
  • Stronger relationships with family, business affiliates and clients
  • Big-picture vision, goal setting, systems, and processes
  • Feeling more aware and in control and ultimately a lot less stress-out or overwhelmed


What kind of results can come from business coaching?


  • Effective Strategic Planning
  • Increased sales and productivity
  • Clear and honest communication without drama, egos, and conflict
  • Boosted Morale
  • Clearly expressed roles, boundaries and expectations
  • Understanding and accepting of self and others
  • Reduced stress with more harmony and teamwork



Can you picture the change in your business and life with the peace of mind you will feel as a result?

More importantly, can you imagine the issues you'll be facing if you don't address them now?

Contact me to book a complimentary consultation. Think of it as a two-way interview to see if coaching is the right next step.

Call Monica at 203-209-5462 or email Monica at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


Haven't decided about coaching yet?   Check out this article in USATODAY.

 "Hiring a coach is an investment in yourself and your career"


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