As a business owner, I have developed a great circle of fellow entrepreneurs with whom I can share, ask, refer, question, and gain inspiration and motivation. They are my go-to group for referrals to web design, marketing, writing, resumes, insurance, financial planning, real estate, organizing, health products, jewelry, clothes, and so much more.

Networking is my favorite way of developing and staying connected with my circle. I've been to two networking events in the last 24 hours and I enjoyed both of them immensely; Over 40 Females of New Haven and Women in Business (Shelton). I'm also co-facilitating my own chapter meeting of Powerful You! on Friday (also Shelton).  

Why do I attend these 4-6 meetings each month (including Chamber, and the Coaching Federation)? The obvious reason might be “to grow my business”, which it has, but also because I am an Extrovert and a People type  (Peoplemap™ Assessment type, not just my description of myself).  I crave connection with other peers.  I get energized, motivated, and inspired just by being around them!  It can get rather lonely working from home all day.  Other ways to develop and stay connected with my Inner Circle, like social media and emails, just aren’t the same as personal contact. Period.  

And here’s the thing we need to remind ourselves, our clients need that personalized contact too.  If it’s been a long time since you’ve actually seen your customer, pick up the phone and then schedule a meeting.  Some of you, like me, may have long distance clients, so Skype and Facetime are a great option.

 Who else do *you* include in your Inner Circle?  A best friend who will always tell you the truth?  Family members who stay supportive no matter what?  Is there anyone else?  I'd love to hear about it and what role they play in your life. 

Stay connected to your Inner Circle and it will grow, along with lasting friendships, collaborations, and partnerships of one kind or another.

For more ideas about networking, here is the link to my February Biz Tips Newsletter on that subject:
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Happy Networking to you all!