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Business Coaching

Business Coaching fills the gap between feeling alone and feeling like you have a team to be your sounding board, advisor, accountability partner and sometimes even the ONE person to be completely safe and honest with! Good or bad, we don't like to be vulnerable in front of our peers.

Coaching can look very different for each business owner, depending on their unique circumstances and the coach they select. My key focus is to move you and your business forward; focusing on 2-3 goals at a time that will grow your business. I also help you to develop personal habits that allow you to spend less effort and get quicker results, and to stress less and enjoy life more!

If you are a solo entrepreneur or have a small number of employees, you often feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and don't always have a support system other than the people who work for you or are your clients.

Your business is your baby. My job as your coach is to help you nuture that baby; supporting you every step of the way. 

I've worked with individuals who haven't even started their business yet, and others who have grown their business to over 7 million a year! What they all have in common is a passion for "their baby" and the desire to have both success and an enjoyable life at the same time. This is where Business meets Personal.

It's not all about what you are doing but more importantly who you are BEING. I love to see my clients grow in success and to become the Empowered person I know they can be.

Tools and Strategies

From the Strategic Planning Assessment workbook to time management and goals setting strategies, I provide many tools and handouts to help you focus on business growth and more. As a holistic coach, I work with you and/or your managers and team on personal awareness and personal development as well communication styles, conflict resolution, leadership development and more. 

If you have obstacles or challenges that are effecting your bottom line, we will address them.
If you have long-term plans to shoot for (and that is a MUST to grow your business), we will keep those goals as a foundation for all other steps you take.
If you are struggling with work-life balance, and who in this day and age isn't, we will address that too.

What are 3 major goals you want to work toward in the next 6-12 months? 
More importantly, do you see yourself achieving them with the current assets and abilities you have at hand right now?

If you are dealing with challenges and need help, or you want to know more about the coaching process, please contact me!

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