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Case Studies

The following are a small sampling of clients I have worked with and the types of services and results you may expect.

Who: Shift Manager, new to Leadership:

Services: One-on-one coaching and Peoplemap™ training to develop new leadership skills, confidence, and a safe and confidential environment to discuss management of staff. 

Results include: Great personal confidence in being more assertive and taking decisive action; developed greater sense of career path, and goals for the future.

Who: Small Business owner expanding her business model

Services: One-on-one coaching and Peoplemap™ training.

Results include: Increased confidence and developed vision for next several years with specific planning steps, enriched relationships with new partners, increased income and clientele, insight into personal blind spots and areas for growth and development.

Who: Multi-level marketing director and team

Services: Peoplemap™ training for all members with specific eye on strengths, Achilles heels, and marketing-learning to speak the language of all types.  Coaching for director and her husband/partner.

Results include: New understanding of personality styles, communication and relationship development, multi-target marketing approach, turning Achilles heels into learned strengths, increased business for participants, as well as higher confidence levels.

Who: Operations Director, later whole company

Services: Peoplemap™ training and one-on-one coaching led to bringing Peoplemap™ to the whole company in a series of lunch and learns.  Later added Leadership training and team coaching for owner, OD, and one manager. 

Results include: Personal growth and confidence in managing job and staff for OD, new language and understanding for whole staff, identified the Achilles heel of the system- avoiding conflict- which was prevalent inter-office and with clients.  Owner and leaders gained insight into leadership styles, supervisory preference styles, and required skills necessary for adjusting to company’s quick growth and shifting roles.

Who: Keynote speaker for company’s Annual Conference, full national staff

Services: Address stress and change management.

Results include: New awareness, strategies, perspectives, and action plan for managing stress in their personal and professional lives. Handouts and special offers for participants.


“Monica’s coaching provides ongoing business development… prioritizing essential tasks, coordinating resources for my business, and developing the people network that is so necessary for any business owner.”
M. R, CT


“When I first started working with Monica I felt like my life was stuck and I was surrounded by insurmountable roadblocks…I can honestly say that Monica helped me bring my life up to a whole new level and made me aware of the things that will keep my future bright! ”    
J. H., CT


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