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Client Overview

Most clients, but not all, fit into one of these three categories...

Business Coaching for an entrepreneur (often home-based) looking for:

  • Bottom line increased profits
  • Better systems and client management
  • Sounding board for ideas, decision making, problem solving
  • Organizational guidance and accountability
  • Big-picture vision development with long and short-term goal setting and action plans  
  • Better communication skills for marketing or relating to clients and staff


Personal Coaching for individuals or couples:

  • Managing a big transition with better confidence and self-management skills; career changes, moving, weddings, etc
  • Making life-altering decisions
  • Stress and time management
  • Reaching Goals that are meaningful
  • Conflict management, improved communication, improving relationships
  • Leadership training through personal coaching and a specific training coarse - great for new managers or team leaders


An Organization leader looking for innovative and effective programs:

  • For workshops, retreats or team training
  • Coaching to tackle an issue or develop a plan for the group
  • Team Building Programs
  • Staff Development Programs including Leadership Training
  • Coaching for particular managers or staff
  • Off-site retreats
  • Lunch and Learns


The client list includes business owners and staff, budding entrepreneurs, family businesses, shift managers and executives, and relationship teams such as couples or partners who run a business together.  There is barely an issue or scenario that can’t benefit from coaching because the process of coaching is so effective in bringing about meaningful change in thoughts, words, and actions.  It is ideal in the face of important life transitions and is especially effective for those who want an impartial party to talk through their issues, goals, and plans.

What clients gain in the process are new tools, awareness, and strategies that will make a lasting difference in their lives. And most importantly, people and businesses with a coach are much more likely to achieve their goals than those who do not have a coach, due to having an accountability partner.

Companies and Organizations

Smaller work teams or smaller companies such as an owner and staff of 5-25, may want to go through a program such as Peoplemap™ together in order to develop concepts and ideas that all the staff can address at the same time.  This can be done through a series of lunch and learns or half-day to full day retreats.  They may also want to select certain leaders for one-on-one coaching or leadership development.  A personal growth plan is established with key goals to achieve in a set period of time.


Please Contact Monica for more information or to set up your free consultation.

“Monica’s coaching provides ongoing business development… prioritizing essential tasks, coordinating resources for my business, and developing the people network that is so necessary for any business owner.”
M. R, CT


“When I first started working with Monica I felt like my life was stuck and I was surrounded by insurmountable roadblocks…I can honestly say that Monica helped me bring my life up to a whole new level and made me aware of the things that will keep my future bright! ”    
J. H., CT


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