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Coaching for Individuals

One-on-one coaching is so empowering! For 45-60 minutes a session, 2-4 times a month, you are completely focused on you, your needs, your dreams and goals. What works or doesn't work, what you will say YES to or NO to in order to move in the right direction.  You can plan, vent, brainstorm, test out ideas, process emotions, and so much more. How great is that?! It is through this focus that you find clarity, learn new things, embrace new perspectives, master your emotions, and put a plan in place to achieve the goals you want to achieve.

I work with my clients to claim 3 really important goals that reflect more than one area of their life: Business, Family, Life Balance, Personal growth, Health, Finances, or what ever else might be important to YOU.  If you only focus on one area, you are likely to have competing and conflicting goals, so we try to reveal them all, even if we don't focus our coaching time on them. 

We turn any vague or unclear goals into SMARTT goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Resonant, Timely, and Thrilling, and from there we are off and running. 

Most coaching is done over the phone, though I also talk with some clients in person or via video conferencing.  Sessions are 40-60 minutes long, totalling 2-4 hours of coaching per month (depending on the plan you choose).  Through these sessions, the client directs the topics for each conversation and the coach provides the powerful questions and specific coaching tools that will allow the client to gain clarity, make decisions, explore the big picture, and move into action.  Assessment of progress comes in the form of check-ins at the start of each session as well as quarterly reviews.

Between coaching sessions there is usually an action to be taken by the client; an accountability of some sort working toward the completion of steps in an overall plan.  Small business owners might be setting up systems, making calls, creating marketing materials, or blogging. On the personal side, it might mean putting exercise, recreation, or family time on the calendar or thinking about what limiting beliefs are holding back their confidence and productivity. Executives may be developing leadership skills and working toward team building goals.

However, we're not just human DOINGS, we are also human BEINGS, so some of the coaching session might focus on your thoughts and who your are BEING that might need a little tweaking to feel more empowered and inspired. The perspective you're in will set the tone for your day and your life and will have an immense effect on the joy, ease, happiness, and success you feel.

An empowering perspective will help you not only feel better but will enable you to achieve your goals more quickly as well! There are other possible patterns of thought to look out for:  If you tend to overthink, you might want to be a quicker decision maker.  If you tend to put everyone else's needs ahead of yours, you might create daily intentions or habits that focus some time on YOU every day.

If you want to know more of the process, just contact me!

“Monica’s coaching provides ongoing business development… prioritizing essential tasks, coordinating resources for my business, and developing the people network that is so necessary for any business owner.”
M. R, CT


“When I first started working with Monica I felt like my life was stuck and I was surrounded by insurmountable roadblocks…I can honestly say that Monica helped me bring my life up to a whole new level and made me aware of the things that will keep my future bright! ”    
J. H., CT


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