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Individualized Training, Workshops and Retreats

Is your group or organization looking for something special to address an issue, motivate the team, or assist in team or leadership building?  Are you looking for an outside source for a retreat or “off-site” event?

I have many prepared programs or can personalize the event to meet your specific needs. See adjoining list of topics for potential ideas. 

The Process

Any program begins with a consultation to find out your specific needs.
If a program in my library meets your needs we just set the date and time and we're half way there!  If not, we can discuss your needs and come up with a topic and a plan that will create the program you are looking for.

If you need or want more, we’ll consider some of the following:

  • Pre-event surveys to take the pulse of the team or establish goals
  • Pre- or at-event assessments to establish participants’ personality types, leadership styles, or conflict resolution styles
  • Pre or Post-event handouts, workbooks, or other helpful materials
  • Pre or post coaching for the team or individual members


Off-site learning is a way to bring personal and professional growth to members of a team or organization in a relaxed and professional atmosphere.  If you think about any event you have attended in the past, what stood out in your mind that made the event successful?

What makes most experiences special and even unforgettable is the material that is covered, the way it is presented, and the interpersonal interactions that are unique to a retreat setting.  This coaching practice is dedicated to these principles in all potential settings.

All programs are personalized to meet the needs of your group, organization, team, or family business with the intention of creating an unforgetable and valuable program for all participants.

Please contact Monica for your free consultation.

“Monica’s coaching provides ongoing business development… prioritizing essential tasks, coordinating resources for my business, and developing the people network that is so necessary for any business owner.”
M. R, CT


“When I first started working with Monica I felt like my life was stuck and I was surrounded by insurmountable roadblocks…I can honestly say that Monica helped me bring my life up to a whole new level and made me aware of the things that will keep my future bright! ”    
J. H., CT


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